Inspiring others to take control of their lives with MMA


I’m in the greatest physical shape of my life and I’m continuing on the path to become the best that I can be. MMA has helped me come this far, but it hasn’t only taken me to the physical shape I’m in today but the psychological aspect is even greater.

My mindset towards the world and life has changed to the better.

Noke Martial Arts team after some hard work

My surrounding in Stockholm wasn’t the best to become great and achieve greatness. Some people do make it even though their surrounding isn’t the best, those people, I would say are blessed with a strong mind and their families have had their back all the day.

I have always been somewhat short but a big guy. A very physical guy, people used to call me names such as fatty, big baby etc. I embraced it in a negative, physical and violent way. Growing up in Stockholm, at least where I’m from, you got to be tough, can’t back down from anything because then the other guy sees it as a weakness. Growing up I always had too look behind my back.

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Me and my uncle Sulayman enjoying life in a different way- Benicarlo, Spain

There’s a bunch of professional fighters in the UFC that have similar background as me, former light heavy weight champion Anderson Silva from Brazil was bullied as a kid, current lhw champion Daniel Cormier as well. I think everyone goes through some life changing event whether it’s early in a young or when you get older, either way peoples life changes over the course of time.

UFC star Tecia Torres  have a similar story, she’s using her story as a piece of inspiration for others that may be going through a similar situation.

“Truth be told, for as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with my body image. Thanks to my parents I am naturally gifted with a muscular petite frame.

“Growing up I was on the sour end of bullying, to the point were girls in my middle school class would draw a “masculine muscular” looking women on the board, in an attempt to make fun of me. It worked. I felt alone and like my body was different. Looking back I was different. My young body was a product of my hard work. I’ve been a martial artist since age 5 and I’ve always been an athlete”.
She also continue saying “I am grateful to live in a generation where strong is being seen as beautiful and little girls are growing up knowing their bodies were made beautifully no matter what shape, size or colour it is”.

She also continue saying “I am grateful to live in a generation where strong is being seen as beautiful and little girls are growing up knowing their bodies were made beautifully no matter what shape, size or colour it is”.

There’s a lot of women around the world feeling the same way. Her motivation to continue is knowing that she’s inspiring all sorts of people to pursue their dreams and create goals. Doesn’t mean that you have to become a professional MMA fighter, but MMA in my opinion helps you to balance your life and create these goals. One cannot have a scattered mind in MMA, one has to be in the now, in the present to be active otherwise you’ll get punched and kicked.

Me and my childhood friend Robert Ohlander together with Nelson Noke started a women’s self defence/ MMA technique class at Noke Martial Arts every Saturday at 11am. The premise was to make sure that university students that are women are able to protect themselves for instance when they are at the nightclub and if something would happen they will be able to protect themselves.

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Some bad ass women and the Noke Martial Arts coaches after a self-defence class

The class has been going on for a bit more than six weeks and it didn’t only help these women to be aware of how to protect themselves but they love this form om HIIT (High- intensity interval training). These women have only in a matter of weeks changed their mindset towards MMA. A lot of them saw MMA as a brutal sport and violent, which it is, but there’s beauty in it and some of them are seeing it.

My roommates Jennifer and Linda are both from Sweden and have a background in soccer like me. There’s research saying that people who have participated in any type of sports have it easy to transition to martial arts.

These two women have already gotten a bit more balance in their everyday life: better lifestyle choices; less alcohol consumption, a more balanced diet, their academic progress have become better I would say due to the type of training.

When you are in an MMA environment you have no choice but to switch your mind on, one can get very emotional and the hormones are through the roof!

8 days left for my debut in the XFC30 promotion. One more day of really hard training before tapering off and managing my weight before the fight.

Bring on Fight Night, man is ready!



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