Mixed Martial Arts in Social Media

The Noke Martial Arts Fight Team 

Promoting MMA in Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. are great platforms for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters to help promote the sport and their match ups. If a fighter chooses to post content online before a fight or promote their way of training martial arts, it can create great anticipation and attention to them, specifically as an athlete.

When UFC fighters Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor were scheduled to fight, there was a lot of back and forth outburst on who’s going to win the fight, and what they were going to do to one and other.

Mcgregor vs Diaz Interview before the fight.

The drama and attention caused by social media statements or rants help create a hype and encourages fan participation.

Nate Diaz ended up winning the fight, and the rants didn’t finish there!

How does this affect the perception of the world of MMA?

One can choose to use social media in a good way, or in a bad way for promotion, I personally think language is critical. For me, MMA isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of spiritual enlightenment, a way of being in the now, respect and love. Even though it’s fighting, there’s love in it.

Promoting my fight for XFC30 is something I have been doing now during my training camp, promoting Noke Martial Arts and our way of training in Social Media, mostly through Instagram and Facebook.


Me and Coach Kyle Noke after putting in some hard work!

Coach Nelson Noke teaching the ways of Brazilian Jiujitsu to the Noke Martial Arts kids.


Problems with MMA in social media

Criticising one and other in social media, using bad language towards each other can work greatly to undermine the reputation of MMA. Mixed Martial Arts is not a typical sport, and fighters are not regular professional athletes, but open hatred and criticism of your opponent, in my opinion is bad for public perception of the sport and could possibly hurt the ways of not just MMA, but martial arts in general.

Twitter accounts like MMA Social Media somewhat agrees to the approach I am taking.

Fair play is important in every sport, a fighter’s lack in honour and professionalism towards his opponent should be considered un-sportsman like, but on the other hand, it’s fighting, we’re trying to kill one and other in a sanctioned fight with rules and a referee. It’s a very unusual sport.

Our team at Noke Martial Arts are trying to spread awareness about the actual ways of martial arts, it’s not just fighting, or just a sport, it’s a way of living life. When I wake up in the morning I try to breathe martial arts, the way I eat is martial arts, the way I carry myself is martial arts in my own personal way. According to Bruce Lee, martial arts is the way of truly expressing oneself  a hundred per cent.

How should MMA move forward and become greater!?

When it comes to promoting MMA and yourself as an athlete, it all depends on what kind of agenda one has. A fighter that just want to promote himself and his way, likes to build up a hype around themselves, who openly criticizes his opponent and the organisation. But of course, it’s all show business as well, it’s fun to watch people go at it online allowing fans to participate in the hype that leads up to a fight.

For me however, it’s all about spreading the knowledge and love of MMA. I certainly promote myself, but I want to spread the awareness of what MMA has done for me, and I’m just at the beginning of my journey, it has barely even started. Who knows, if I keep going, I might turn into a fighter that openly criticizes and spread hatred in social media.


When I walk out of my house I represent Noke Martial Arts and my teachers, Kyle and Nelson Noke.

The Stockholm street kid is not just a street kid anymore, he’s a student of life, a university student, a student of Nokes, a Martial Artist.

Today I just want to let people know what Noke Martial Arts is trying ot build on the Sunshine Coast, and it all starts with the young kids, don’t you think?




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